Welcome to China, a city known for its delicious sweets. As tourists, you can’t wait to taste them all, but before enjoying your sweets, you must learn about Sweet Nose. Sweet Nose loved sweets, so much so that he wanted to journey to Heaven to eat all the best sweets. To get to Heaven he had to climb a ladder from the ground up – which he did. But disaster happened when he entered heaven. Ready to meet him was The God of Thunder.  The god of thunder was angry with Sweet Nose for sneaking into Heaven only to eat sweets. A flash of thunder hit poor Sweet Nose, who fell from the ladder like a meteor and dissolved into a pile of black dust when he hit the ground.

To avoid being hit by the God of Thunder you had better not eat too many sweets. Of course you can still enjoy the delicious sweets in the city, but if you enter specific stores on the street, you might need to run from the thunder of heaven.

Sweet Nose is a game of exciting player interaction. Before players start trading sweets they need to put a price to the sweets on their plates. The next step is to trade. with either players or the market. Will you be the player who eats the most sweets and ends up being turned to powder by the God of Thunder or will you manage to hardly eat any sweets and stay safely at the bottom of the ladder, winning the game.